NBA Finals


The ‘Fan’ Who Shoved the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry Partially Owns the Golden State Warriors

Mark Stevens, a venture capitalist worth $2.3 billion, has been banned from the remainder of the NBA Finals.


The Raptors and Warriors Are Treating Us to an Early NBA Finals Preview

The marquee Toronto-Golden State matchup is a taste of what could very likely be the last two teams standing in June.


Steph Curry is in the VIP Room of NBA History

Coming off his third championship in four years, Curry's accomplishments are incredible and rare. Here's a look at where he stands among his peers, past and present.


NBA Dunk of the Week: LeBron Goddamned James

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a hopeless situation against the Golden State Warriors, but LeBron is going down swinging (and throwing it off the glass to himself for dunks).


The Sun Finally Came Out for Rodney Hood

In an extended sit-down interview less than 24 hours after the biggest game of his career, the Cleveland Cavaliers wing opens up about his unpredictable postseason, life as LeBron's teammate, looming free agency, and so much more.


Last of a Dying Breed: Shaun Livingston Has Never Needed a Three-Point Shot

Even though he's capable of making them, Golden State's reliable backup point guard continues to do his best work inside the arc. Does it matter?


LeBron James Has Turned His Greatest Weakness into a Devastating Strength

The world's best player isn't known for his mid-range jumper, but throughout this postseason his long twos have been as good as anybody's.


The Cavaliers Need to Feed LeBron James in the Post

The Golden State Warriors did a fantastic job defending James in Game 2, but moving forward Cleveland has to figure out a way to make this series look like the 2015 Finals.


Watch LeBron Stew in Silent Agony Next to J.R. Smith on Bench After Game 1 Fiasco

LeBron could not bring himself to even look at J.R. while the two sat next to each other for what feels like an eternity.


J.R. Smith's Tragic Final Seconds Also Hold the Key to Cavs Success

The Cavaliers grabbed 19 offensive rebounds in Game 1, and it helped them stay competitive. Going forward, they'll need more of that if they want to actually win.


Kevin Durant Will Respond If You Claim He Likes When People Fart in His Face

As you might imagine, Oklahoma City Thunder fans are incredibly salty with NBA champion Kevin Durant. The Finals MVP took to Twitter to fire back over the weekend.


Lil B Talks Kevin Durant, Curses, and Moms

Lil B on meeting Kevin Durant's mom, Wanda: "I did get a lil' nervous because the moms don't play. They don't play."