nba highlights


Did You Really Think The Cavs Wouldn't Sweep the Raptors?

Just look at what the Cavs were doing to these poor human beings in their own home...


Zaza Scored More Points than Klay Thompson Last Night And Wants Him to Know About It

When you're an all star on the Warriors and you have an off night, there are three others to take your place.


Chance the Rapper, Quavo from Migos and Myles Turner Played Knock-Out For a Cool $100K

But how would Turner do in a rap battle?


Report: Kelly Oubre Suspended One Game Without Pay For Flagrant Two on Kelly Olynyk

Oubre seems pretty well justified for the cause of his complaints, if not his subsequent actions.


Steve Kerr Seems Likely to Miss the Remainder of The Warriors vs. Jazz Series

"Suddenly things got a lot worse, and I don't know why," Kerr said of his back pain.​


Lonzo Ball Drops $495 Shoe, Which Is Apparently The Point

Beneath the bullshit, there seems to be an actual strategy here.


It's Not (Entirely) Dwight Howard's Fault That No One Wants to Trade For Him

Dwight Howard was once a unicorn, but now he's just a regular, aging, big man.


The Spurs Can't Overcome Tony Parker's Knee Injury

After taking an MRI, the Spurs fear Tony Parker will have to undergo season-ending surgery on his left knee.


The Cavs Are Affording the Raptors Absolutely No Respect and It's Kind of Stressing Me Out

LeBron James and the Cavs are absolutely clowning the Raptors.


Mike Scott Cleared Of Drug Charges After Judge Cites Possible Racial Profiling

The former Atlanta Hawks forward may be back in the NBA soon.


LaMarcus Aldridge Was Totally, Completely, Stupendously Awful

LaMarcus Aldridge was uniquely terrible last night for the Spurs.


The Utah Jazz Snuff Out the Lifeless Clippers at Staples Center, Advance to Round 2

It was hard to look at this game as a Jazz win so much as a Clippers loss, though, as the Clippers continued to not live up to their billing.