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Oh God, It Looks Like NBC Might Pull 'The Office' off Netflix

It's not a sure thing, and it wouldn't happen until 2021—but the streaming service is at risk of losing its most-binged shows.
River Donaghey
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SoundCloud Hires Its First Chief Revenue Officer in Move Towards Monetization

Alison Moore has left NBCUniversal to oversee the company's subscription services, marketing, and ad sales.
Alexander Iadarola

NBC's Bogus Copyright Claim Got Canada's 'Mr. Robot' Premiere Yanked from Google

Elliot Alderson would not be pleased.
Jordan Pearson

As the Donald Trump Dumping Continues, Root of Scorn Might Be a Failed Deal in Mexico

The tycoon who is losing business deals left and right after his harsh anti-immigrant comments might still be sore over a $6.5 million deal with a Mexican businessman that went bad after the 2007 Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City.
Daniel Hernandez

Donald Trump Could Be Losing As Much As $78.5 Million For Pissing Off Mexicans

Since lambasting Mexico and Mexican immigrants, Trump has lost million-dollar deals with NBC, Univision, Televisa, and Carlos Slim's Ora TV — not to mention a Latino-owned brewery in Chicago that sent beer to a Trump Tower bar.
Daniel Hernandez
net neutality

Net Neutrality Emails Reveal a Cozy 'Social Network' Between the FCC and Telecoms

Documents obtained by VICE News shed light on the relationship between government regulators and the telecoms they're regulating amid the net neutrality debate.
Jason Leopold