Climate Change Killed the ‘Siberian Unicorn,’ Study Says

This Eurasian giant weighed 7,700 pounds and likely had the largest horn of any rhino, extinct or living.


DNA From Ancient Skeletons Is Changing What We Know About Our Ancestors

"We should be humble, and not think that our gut impressions of the world around us are reliable."


Our Ancestors Engaged in Cannibalism for Fun and Profit, Not Just for Calories

Human flesh isn’t as nutritious as mammoth meat. But our ancestors occasionally ate each other anyway.


Dental Plaque Reveals Some Neanderthals Devoured Rhinos, Others Nibbled on Moss

The Neanderthal medicine cabinet was stocked with pain-killers and antibiotics.


Evolution is Not What We Thought

The things we thought we understood about Europeans are coming unstuck as we examine the genes of more ancient people.


Neanderthal Inbreeding Made Some Humans Weaker Today

Harmful mutations in Neanderthals' genome left some humans today with a genetic burden.


Researchers to European Islamophobes: Your Ancestors Were Migrants Who Settled in Belgium

Since the end of the last Ice Age, migration and population turnover — sometimes driven by changes in the climate — have been common features in Europe.


Human-Borne Diseases May Have Contributed to Neanderthal Extinction

Sorry for the genital herpes, Neanderthals.


The Original Paleo Diet Was Full of Carbs

In another blow to the idea that our paleolithic ancestors solely survived on berries and gazelle steaks, a new study argues that humans developed their big brains precisely because we ate starches.


Human-Neanderthal Lovemaking Was Short-Lived

But the winters that followed it were not most definitely not. Upshot: early Europeans were tough as hell.


A Prehistoric Poo Made Me Think About the Paleo Diet

A recently discovered fossilized turd suggests that early humans ate their veggies with their meat. Perhaps the paleo crowd had it right all along, but should we really follow early man's example, considering the neanderthals went extinct?


The Oldest Human Poop Ever Discovered Reveals What Neanderthals Ate

The 50,000-year-old sample was collected by hand.