Near to the Wild Heart of Life

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Watch Japandroids' "North East South West" Video

The dudes love to tour.
Alex Robert Ross
Deep Ass Questions

Chasing the Impossible Past: How a Band Moves on from Its Masterpiece Album

The downside of releasing a perfect record is that you might forever live in its shadow.
Dan Ozzi
Longreads Or Whatever

On Their New Album, Japandroids Stop Dreaming About Living, and Start Living the Dream

On 'Near to the Wild Heart of Life,' the Canadian duo finally gets autobiographical between the "WOAH!"s and the "YEAH!"s.
Ian Cohen
New music

You Can Finally Listen to the New Japandroids Album, Along with Priests' 'Nothing Feels Natural'

NPR has blessed us with a double-shot of modern rock.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Japandroids Try Very Hard Not to Break Shit, Remain in Love with People on “No Known Drink or Drug”

It’s the second single from 'Near to the Wild Heart of Life,' out January 27.
Alex Robert Ross

Thank the Good Lord for Japandroids

We talked to the band about their new album 'Near To The Wild Heart Of Life,' their first material in almost five years.
Cam Lindsay
Holy Shit

Yoooooooooooo, There’s Gonna Be a New Japandroids Album Next Year

Dude. Duuuude. Get ready for 'Near To The Wild Heart Of Life.'
Noisey Staff

The Dark Logic of Clarice Lispector

Though long considered one of the most important writers in Brazil, Clarice Lispector has only recently begun to gain appreciation among US audiences. Formally fearless and possessed of an interior sense wholly her own, her writing wastes no time with...
Blake Butler