Neo-Nazis Are Selling the New Zealand Shooter's Racist Screed for $4 on Telegram

The manifesto that inspired El Paso is now a hardcover book.
Valerie Kipnis
14 hours ago
Trump extremism

Trump Spent More Money Destroying Weed Last Year Than Funding These Anti-Domestic Terror Programs

“At a time when we have heightened activity and the body count keeps rising, training is being defunded and grant money taken back”
Greg Walters

Far-Right Extremists Have Been Using Ukraine's War as a Training Ground. They're Returning Home.

“I believe Europe is in great danger”
Tim Hume

The UK Now Considers Far-Right Terror As Dangerous As Islamic Extremism

Right-wing watch groups say the change to how the UK assesses terrorism threats is long overdue, and are calling on the government to do more.
Tim Hume

German Neo-Nazis Are Threatening More Killings After the Murder of a Pro-Refugee Politician

VICE News obtained a copy of the latest threat sent to two pro-immigration German mayors.
Tim Hume

It Looks Like Germany's Worst Fear Just Happened: a Far-right Political Assassination

“There has never been a case like this in the history of [modern Germany]”
Tim Hume
Far-Right Extremism

Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy Movement That's Preparing for a Showdown With Germany's Government

“These are people who believe themselves to be in a permanent state of war.”
Tim Hume
web hosting

The Far Right Has Found a Web Host Savior

A web host called Epik has begun hosting the sites that other web hosts won't, which raises questions about how successful deplatforming hateful websites can actually be.
Ben Makuch

White nationalists from around the world are meeting in Finland. Here's what you need to know.

The far-right is going global.
Tess Owen

YouTube Decides to Leave Neo-Nazi Propaganda Online

Neo-Nazi propaganda, podcasts, and audiobooks continue to exist on YouTube. Even when alerted to their existence, the platform demonetized and removed some features from them, but did not delete the videos.
Ben Makuch
Far right

Web Hosting Companies Shut Down a Series of Neo-Nazi Websites

Major online neo-Nazi meeting grounds are being nuked by hosting sites that want nothing to do with connections to militant white nationalists. Meanwhile, several of them have regrouped on Twitter.
Ben Makuch
Mack Lamoureux
In Moderation

Facebook Bans White Nationalism and White Separatism

After a civil rights backlash, Facebook will now treat white nationalism and separatism the same as white supremacy, and will direct users who try to post that content to a nonprofit that helps people leave hate groups.
Joseph Cox
Jason Koebler