Watching 'The Lion King,' All I Can Think About Is Extinction and Death

The "circle of life" glosses over environmental destruction and colonialism as viewers ogle the savannah from the comfort of an air-conditioned mall.
Patrick Marlborough
Games Reviews

Watch a City’s Politics Shift Through the Rear View Mirror of Your Cab in ‘Night Call’

It's not much of a detective story, but 'Night Call' does have some great mysteries.
Rob Zacny

Lab-Grown Meat Can't Fix the Planet That Capitalism Broke

A recent study argued that we shouldn’t assume lab-grown meat is more emission-friendly than beef. The whole truth is much more structural and bleak.
Caroline Haskins
Yellow vests

The Paris ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Show the Flaws of Capitalism

The French Yellow Vests protests, which were ignited by a fuel tax, highlight the fact that climate policies ignore the material concerns of the working class and people of color
Caroline Haskins

How Chemsex Helps Queer Men Find Their Place in Big Cities

We speak to gay cultural theorist Jamie Hakim about how chemsex is a response to neoliberalism and the alienation of the modern city.
Matthew Broomfield

Everyone Hates Neoliberals, So We Talked to Some

I asked neoliberals about their political ideology and the tremendous backlash it's received from all over the place lately—especially since Trump won.
Eve Peyser

Porn-on-Porn Photos and a Scuba Diver Shock Viewers at New Berlin Exhibit

The scandal of the show's opening in Berlin was augmented by a visitor clad in a scuba diving suit...just enjoying the art.
Alyssa Buffenstein
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

A Former Weather Underground Member Explains Why Anti-Trump Violence Won't Work

Mark Rudd, a member of the infamous Weather Underground who later came to regret the group's bombings, told us that "anyone advocating political violence is either very stupid or a cop (or both)."
Harry Cheadle
VICE Long Reads

How the Banks Stole Higher Education

Student debt is big business for the banks, and it's fucking us all over.
Irvine Welsh

Why Jeremy Corbyn Is Best Placed to Solve the UK's Future Economic Problems

All the people calling him a "throwback" haven't stopped to consider what is likely to happen to the British economy in the next decade.
Aaron Bastani

Could History Repeat Itself with Mexico City’s Ambitious Airport Plan?

Mexico wants to begin operating the new capital airport by 2020, but opposition figures, environmentalists, and the community of San Salvador Atenco are already crying foul over the project.
Andalusia Knoll

Investigative Journalist Matt Kennard Talks About America's Economic Stranglehold on the World

His new book looks at how the American government, banks, and intelligence agencies enforce a very covert and modern type of imperialism.
Amelia Abraham