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Matthew McConaughey Gets Incredibly Stoned in the New Trailer for 'Beach Bum'

Harmony Korine's latest also stars Jonah Hill, Zac Efron, and Snoop Dogg, among a few other big names.
Drew Schwartz

Sizzling Photos of LA Party People Perfectly Matching Neon Signs

Cleonette Harris’s electric photographs are like 'Party Monster' for the year 2018.
Kelsey Lannin

Kneel at iMac Altars Inside This Hallucinatory Artscape

Plexiglass, plants, and prisms unite in 'The Secret Paths to Marina Fini' at Heron Arts in San Francisco.
Kelsey Lannin
neon art

Neon and Glass Artworks Glow in Surreal 'Art of Plasma’ Exhibition

The Museum of Neon Art’s new exhibition showcases the many artistic uses of neon gas.
DJ Pangburn
deep dives

Neon, Smoke, and Mirrors: Why So Many Moody-Ass Videos Look Alike

How everyone from Fall Out Boy and Busted to Carly Rae Jepsen fell for neon piping, pastel colors and ~meaningful~ fog.
Marianne Eloise
felt zine

Get Mind-F*cked by These Alien Sex Toys

According to net artist Tissue Hunter you can learn a lot about someone from their toys.
Nathaniel Ainley
felt zine

These Neo-Noir Digital Still Lifes Are Filled With Existential Dread

Italian media designer notawave reflects on the loneliness of mortality in the 36th issue of FELT Zine.
Nathaniel Ainley
light art

This Neon Light Installation Is Like an Interactive Stonehenge

Amsterdam’s Circus Family brings 'TRIPH,' an immersive and responsive light installation, to Northside Festival.
Eleanor Lambert
art fairs

Free Orgasms, Neon Lights, and Pepto-Bismol at the Korean Pavilion

What defines Korean art anyway? The country’s Venice Biennale pavilion wants to know.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Trippy Photos of Melbourne Inspired by David Lynch

We sat down with Australian photographer Scott Williams to talk about the inspiration and technique behind his Lynchian Dreamscape photography.
Desiree Leong

Carpenter Brut’s 80s Synthwave Is Turned Up to 666

We spoke with the mysterious French producer about his hectic touring schedule, the Eagles, and the Kickstarter campaign for 'Turbo Killer 2'
Tommy Young
50 states of art

Artist Laura Amphlett Hides the Desert's Magic in Collaged Boxes | #50StatesofArt

Divination, inspiration, and the magic hidden in plain sight in Arizona.
Emerson Rosenthal