Holy Shit

Nerve Implant Partially Restores Man’s Consciousness After 15-Year Vegetative State

A "pacemaker for the brain" may help people in a persistent vegetative state partially regain consciousness.
Jesse Hicks
you mad? why are you mad?

Feeling Anxious Makes It Harder to Read Others' Emotions

The way you see the world changes when you're all wound up.
Jesse Hicks
Asking for a friend

Why Do Nerves Give Me the Shits?

This evolutionary body reaction is a little less useful these days.
Shannon Thomas
Open Wide

A Fin Whale's Weird 'Stretchy Nerves' Mean It Could Eat a Schoolbus For Lunch

In order to feed, these whales need to open their mouths really, really wide.
Farnia Fekri

Hear a New Two-Song EP from the Flatliners

​A new seven-inch, just in time for Fest.
Noisey Staff
daily vice

We Suit Up with Spain's Latex Fetishists on Today's 'Daily VICE'

VICE Spain's Raül Calàbria suits up and heads to a fetish party to understand why some believe being covered in rubber is the ultimate sensory experience.
VICE Staff

Caught on Camera: A Fruit Fly's Whole Nervous System

Scientists tested the new method in fruit fly larvae, and hope it could help shine a light on how the brain and central nervous system work together.
Amber Roberts
Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine Does Not Know Why My Father-in-Law Lost His Leg

Hunting for the reason for a mysterious infection.
Rollin Bishop

Amputee Successfully Given Implanted Arm Prosthetic for First Time

A patient has been using a prosthetic arm that's controlled by electrodes implanted in his nerves and muscles for over a year.
Victoria Turk

Pronto Take the Buzz of Power Pop Then Give It A Drop Knee to the Chest

The Melbourne five piece channel the vintage '77 era punk sound but don’t sound like shit.
Noisey Staff

Enjoy Matt Scott, the Boot-and-Rally QB, While You Can

The NFL is back, and so are head injuries.
David Matthews
Motherboard Blog

BPA Not Only Messes With Your Hormones, It May Mess with Your Genes and Lungs, Too

Two new studies this week add new evidence to the case against BPA.
Austin Considine