Nervous system


An Ode to Athleisure, Which Eases My Anxiety

I found the adult version of swaddling to work really well for me.


How the Game Genie Helped Me Understand My Brain Injury

Losing my sense of smell was tough—but an old cheat cartridge reminded me that even the most immovable monoliths can be remolded.


Here's a Nature-Inspired, 3D-Printed Dress That Looks Like Armor

Right here is about where technology becomes indistinguishable from magic.


This Stunning 520-Million-Year-Old Fossil Is So Detailed, It Shows Single Nerves

The remains of Chengjiangocaris kunmingensis provide an unprecedented glimpse into the Cambrian nervous system.


What Ayahuasca Taught Me About Taking Care of My Health

A case for psychosomatic medicine.


Growing Fractal Jewelry in a Digital Garden

The designers at Nervous System are "growing" the bio-inspired jewelry of the future.


Become a Future Fashion Designer with 4D-Printed Textiles

Nervous System’s Kinematic textiles let buyers design 4D-printed garments—at only $110 a pop.


3D Printed Jewelry Designed And Created By You

Kinematics from Nervous System allows you to print 4D flexible jewelry from home.


BPA Not Only Messes With Your Hormones, It May Mess with Your Genes and Lungs, Too

Two new studies this week add new evidence to the case against BPA.


How to Survive a 1,000-Pound Direct Kick to the Balls

It's an incredible sight to see _Sport Science_ star Kirby taking 1,100 lbs of force from Justice's shin on rapid-fire repeat. More incredible: he just stands there, like a _Mortal Kombat_ or _Street Fighter_ character, completely unfazed, not even...


Nervous System Creates Generative Jigsaw Puzzles

The design studio turn their skills to toy making.