network investigative technique


The FBI Created a Fake FedEx Website to Unmask a Cybercriminal

In an attempt to identify someone tricking a company into handing over cash, the FBI created a fake FedEx website, as well as deployed booby-trapped Word documents to reveal fraudsters' IP addresses.


DOJ, FBI Executives Approved Running a Child Porn Site

A court transcript shows that running Playpen as part of a child pornography sting was approved by the higher levels of each department.


The FBI Hacked Over 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries Based on One Warrant

With upcoming changes to Rule 41, experts think this is only the beginning of worldwide hacking by law enforcement agencies.


FBI Agent: Decrypting Data ‘Fundamentally Alters’ Evidence

But one forensics expert strongly disagrees.


FBI: Our Malware Sends Unencrypted Evidence, and That's a Good Thing

In fact, it's good for the defendants in the Playpen case, FBI agent says.


A Judge Just Made It Harder for the FBI to Use Hacking

A judge has thrown out evidence obtained by the FBI, because the agency refused to provide the malware code to the defense.


FBI Is One Step Closer To Getting Legal Authority To Hack Computers Everywhere

Privacy activists are calling for Congress to reject the change.


Lawyers: FBI Must Reveal Malware for Hacking Child Porn Users or Drop Its Case

Defense says the government has to either reveal its network investigative technique or drop a case against an alleged child pornography user.


FBI Is Pushing Back Against Judge's Order to Reveal Tor Browser Exploit

Special Agent Daniel Alfin likened the exploit to a defect in a lock, and argued that its particulars weren't necessary to the defense's case.


Judge Rules FBI Must Reveal Malware It Used to Hack Over 1,000 Computers

Defense lawyers have been trying to get the code for the FBI’s network investigative technique since September.


FBI May Have Hacked Innocent TorMail Users

The FBI supposedly targeted specific users, but malicious code was deployed before they even logged in.