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Robert Kraft’s alleged sex tape is a big test for Florida’s open records laws

Why the NFL team owner is now fighting the release of the incriminating tape in his solicitation case.


Trump apparently isn't letting spa-sex charges keep Robert Kraft off the White House guest list

A Super Bowl victory party wouldn't be complete without the Patriots owner, who's accused of paying for sex at a day spa


Trump took a selfie with the founder of the day spa where Robert Kraft allegedly bought sex services

She was attending a Super Bowl party at Trump's West Palm Beach country club.


I Still Watch the Super Bowl, Even Though We're All Going to Die

Andrew Whitworth, the right tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, basically admitted that football is meaningless.


TV Station Employee Fired for Labeling Tom Brady a 'Known Cheater'

A worker at local Pittsburgh station KDKA shot their shot...and paid the price.


Drinking Tom Brady GOAT Beer Will Surely Poison Your Soul

If you truly want to be like the New England Patriots quarterback, you'll never touch one of these beers in your life.


Sizing Up the NFL's Championship Matchups

The top four seeds in the NFL playoffs—the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints—head into next weekend for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.


Sarah Thomas to Become First Woman to Ref an NFL Playoff Game

Sarah Thomas has a lot of firsts in football, and she's not done yet.


Attorney Suggests Raiders or Patriots Might Sign Colin Kaepernick

According to a cryptic interview with TMZ, Mark Geragos suggested his client could land with two teams, hinting at the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.


Ryan Fitzpatrick's Son Starts Dad in Fantasy, is a Genius

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback had a helluva game against the New Orleans Saints, and his son Brady must've racked up some points.


Tom Brady Helped Put GOAT in the Dictionary

Merriam-Webster added GOAT, and you'll be pretty shocked to learn who it was first used to describe online.