new media art


Deconstructing Binary Gender Norms Through Mutable Self-Portraits

Artist Alex Orellana deconstructs gender with photographs and code.


Activists Are Projecting Digital "Calligraffiti" Onto Walls in Berlin

Combining traditional calligraphy with graffiti, the young art form comes to Germany with a mission.


This Art Show Is Dedicated to Figuring Out What the Internet Looks Like

Enter a palace of post-internet art at Kunsthal Rotterdam.


Welcome to Hong Kong's Pitch Black 'Empty Gallery'

Enter the void on the south side of Hong Kong Island.


Artists Imagine Life After a Total Internet Collapse

At Eastern Block’s ‘The Dead Web - La Fin’ exhibition, artists warn of a great collapse.


Chinese Artists Open New Worlds Inside a ‘Self-Created Universe’

New media artists Ye Funa and Liang Ban dig into the global media-saturated world.


Digital Art and Electronic Music Warp Reality at this French Festival

At this year’s electronic music and arts festival Transient, digital arts explore man vs. machine.


'Infotainment': A Playbook for Fighting Trump’s America

A revival of the seminal ‘Infotainment’ exhibition shows how artists responded to a right wing political shift amidst the Information Age.


Enter a Hyperlink Gallery of Cutting Edge Videos

Transfer Gallery’s Kelani Nichole stacks a dozen videos in a single hyperlinked space.


Bitforms Gallery Celebrates 15 Years with a Retrospective in San Francisco

The leader in 'new media' art since 2001 throws an anniversary retrospective in the city tied to tech innovation.


URLs, URLs, URLs: Four Female Artists Fill a Gallery with Feels

In this safe space, artists open up about the trials of being on the internet as a girl.


This Artist Turned His Entire Online Life into Public Portraits

Emails? Texts? Skype calls and a 3D-printed sculpture made from personal data? Mark Farid wants you to see it all.