New Nordic


This Chef Is Using Shit-Smoked Trout and Dried Puffin to Revolutionize the Kitchen

How two of Iceland's most unusual ingredients are changing the game in the fine dining world.
Lars Roest-Madsen
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Eat a Bouquet of Flowers in This Sweet and Simple Berry Dish

Esben Holmboe Bang of Maaemo in Oslo, Norway created this simple dessert after cruising through our garden and picking flowers, fennel fronds, radish pods, and berries.
Munchies Staff
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Making Creamy Potatoes and Crispy Salt Cod With Christian Puglisi

“I said I want to make an authentic restaurant by not trying to make an authentic restaurant.”
Alex Swerdloff
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Get Your Bæst On With This Uniquely Nordic Pizza

It's not delivery; it's a nonconformist ode to pizza topped with earthy black trumpets, mildly sweet leeks, fatty pancetta, and briny Pecorino.
Alex Swerdloff

How Mission Chinese Transformed noma into a Wonderland of Fried Chicken and 'Titanic'

I watched Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga transform the world-renowned restaurant noma into a Gonzo-esque space where beautifully composed dishes including koji-fried chicken paired with weed were served alongside the Titanic soundtrack. The...
Lisa Abend

Swedish Midsummer Is the Only Time You’ll See Your Grandparents Drunk

Midsummer in Sweden is our biggest holiday. There are cakes and pastries and strawberries. And lots of drinking. We drink a lot of snaps, which is like gin, but without the juniper berries.
Niklas Ekstedt

These Danish Chefs Just Made Italian Pizza Even Better

Bæst restaurant in Copenhagen is shaking up the geographical notion of the world's best pizza with their wildcard dough. Their crew doesn't want you to half-bake frozen pizzas anymore, so here's a visual guide to making their pies at home without...
Munchies Staff

New Nordic Cuisine Is Dead

The food world still gushes over Nordic dining and its locavore penchant for oddball beach herbs and gnarly root vegetables, but more than a decade after the New Nordic manifesto, Copenhagen looks ready to adapt more global flavors.
Lars Eriksen

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: New Nordic Cuisine

Ivar visits three restaurants—Ekstedt in Stockholm, Koka in Göteborg, and Bastard in Malmö, where the chefs are taking on New Nordic cuisine in their own terms.
Ivar Berglin
Nordic cuisine

Discovering Real Nordic Cuisine in Iceland

Finnish chef Antto Melasniemi has a bone to pick with New Nordic cuisine. I followed him to Iceland, where he railed against what he believes are the luxurious, distinctly un-communal attitudes that are essentially incompatible with these countries...
Merlin Jobst

Whale Meat Is a Tough Sell in Norway

Norway is one of only three countries that still hunt whales commercially. Many Norwegians see it as a relic of earlier times—when it was frozen and served as a sort of mystery meat—but some young chefs are incorporating it into their menus.
Katherine Sacks

Eating on Tour Can Blow, But Thank God for the Food in Copenhagen

I've been touring with bands for the past eight years and I've figured out how to find the best food in any given city. To kick off this column, I'm going to do a solid for Timber Timbre, a band that's playing in Copenhagen tomorrow to provide some...
Max Goldblatt