new rave


The Definitive History of New Rave in Eight Tracks, Narrated by Jamie from Klaxons

To mark the 10th anniversary of ‘Myths of the Near Future’, we revisited the scene that had you wearing neon skinny jeans and doing bumps of ket and glitter in the club.


For the Love of Pop: Metronomy's Best Year Ever Is Then, Now, and Always

The Parisian-based, English music wiz returns with 'Summer '08'—an LP that doubles up as a time machine, looking back but looking forward too. Genius or what?


It's Not Over Yet: Remembering New Rave, Ten Years Later

It was once called "a piss-poor youthquake that will soon go out of fashion," but new rave set a precedent for everything that's going on right now.


La Priest: "I Stick Screwdrivers In Things Until They Make Weird Sounds"

Former Late of the Pier singer explores the outer regions of intergalactic, underwater odd-pop with his fantastic debut LP.