New South Wales


New South Wales' Premier Is at A "Comfortable Place" with Sydney Lockout Laws

Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in on Monday.


Plague of Bats Holds Australian Town Hostage with Aerial Shit Blitz

Whether people like it or not, these mammals and their guano play an important role in Australia’s native forest ecosystems.


An Infamous Undercover Cop Has Been Tracked to Australia — Where He's Teaching Police Tactics

John Dines is just the latest to be traced in a long-running campaign to out more than 100 undercover police who spied on UK activist groups over a period of more than four decades from 1968.


The Next Steps for Medical Marijuana in Australia

It could be a year until actual cannabis products are in the country's pharmacies.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Man Was Arrested For Handing Out Fliers on Jury Rights Outside a Court

Also this week: A guy freaked out so hard when he saw a spider that his neighbors thought he was murdering someone.


Australian Authorities Say Shooting by Teen at Police Station Is 'Linked to Terrorism'

A 15-year-old gunman reportedly visited a local mosque before he killed one officer outside New South Wales Police headquarters in Sydney on Saturday.


Australian State May Force Convicted Pedophiles to Undergo Chemical Castration

A new government task force in Australia is considering whether to force child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration as a judicial alternative to prison sentencing.


Gun Ownership in New South Wales has Risen 40 Percent

What's behind NSW's surging love of guns?


Australian Vineyards Are Using Sunscreen to Save Their Grapes

Due to Australia's harsh and hot climate, its winemakers are taking creative approaches to protecting their grapes from sun damage—including good old sunscreen.


Victoria Won’t Be Getting A Safe Injecting Room Anytime Soon

While Sydney's supervised injecting room has been a widely accepted success, the Victorian government still opposes a facility in Melbourne.


Australia Is Facing an Intense Mosquito Season

Erratic weather patterns in Australia have caused a boom in mosquito populations, and that means a rise in bloodsucker-borne diseases.


Authorities at Odds Over Secret Australian Police Operation that Bugged Officers and Journalists

An unprecedented surveillance operation was based on warrants that weren't supported by the evidence police put before the courts. An inquiry is exposing deep fractures in the police force.