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The Smallest Fossilized Monkey Ever Is the Size of a Hamster

Parvimico materdei lived about 18 million years ago in what is now the Peruvian Amazon.


This Scottish Worm Has Eyes on Its Butt

Ampharete oculicirrata has a set of peepers for each side of its half-centimeter body.


A Bizarre New Species of Mollusk Eats Rocks, Poops Sand, and Shapes Rivers

Lithoredo abatanica, a very weird shipworm found in a river in the Philippines, represents both a new species and genus.


This Preserved Millipede Lived 99 Million Years Ago Alongside Dinosaurs

The millipede is only 8.2 millimeters long, making it an “an extreme case of miniaturization.”


Who Needs Aliens When Prehistoric Anus-Faced Worms Already Existed

“Darting from the water depths, the spines would have been a terrifying sight to many of the smallest marine creatures that lived during that time.”


Slime-Shooting 'Spiderman' Worm Snail Discovered on Sunken Shipwreck

It's exactly what it sounds like.


The Facebook Group Identifying Rare Species in Cambodia

Citizen scientists are helping to fill a research gap caused by decades of turmoil.


​Having Tea with India’s Frogman

S.D. Biju, aka India’s Frogman, has a hard enough time getting his mom to care about his frogs, to say nothing of the entire planet.


A Scientist Is Selling the Right to Name His Newly-Discovered Moth on eBay

But you can't just name a new species anything.


'Homo Naledi': A New Human-Like Species Could Change Our Ideas on Evolution

Researchers claim to have found a new, ancient human-like species.


This New Dinosaur Is Like Triceratops with a Massive Kickass Crown

But beyond the pure wow factor, the find also represents the first example of convergent evolution ever observed in a horned dinosaur.