New Year's Day


How Germany Is Grappling with a Wave of Sexual Assaults on New Year's Eve

Allegations that refugees were responsible for brazen crimes committed by hordes of men against women threaten to further poison an already-toxic European debate.


You're Most Likely to Die of Natural Causes on New Year's Day

Probably because you're blowing off your chest pains to keep on partying.


How Much Should You Worry About Getting Robbed Over the Holidays?

We asked an expert about the annual deluge of holiday crime hype, and whether you should be spooked as you kick back with loved ones and gorge on Capitalism.


Does Domestic Violence Actually Rise During the Holidays?

Actually, the opposite may be true.


New Year's Resolutions for Racists in 2015

White supremacists have New Year's resolutions too. Most of them involve the subjugation of minorities. Also, puppies.


Shooting Up a Confederate Barn on New Year's 1970

Photographer Scot Sothern looks back at some of the weirdest New Year's nights he's had.


Scores of People Trampled to Death During Shanghai New Year's Eve Celebration

Authorities are investigating the incident, which early reports incorrectly suggested was triggered by a rush to collect coupons resembling cash that were thrown from a riverfront building.


​Fuck the Haters, New Year’s Eve Is Awesome

New Year's has a lot of haters. Fuck that. This is the one night of the year when you can be whoever you want to be.


Lower Your Expectations with These Crappy New Year's Eve Stories

Other than perhaps the day after your birthday, there is no other date that is as consistently shitty and depressing as December 31.