New York State


New York to Anti-Vaxxers: No More Religious Exemptions for You!

“I’m not aware of anything in the Torah, the Bible, the Koran or anything else that suggests you should not get vaccinated," said one lawmaker.


Schneiderman could be brought down by his own Strangulation Prevention Act

Multiple women said Schneiderman hit, slapped, and choked them.


How Cynthia Nixon Could Actually Win

A former advisor to the guy she's running against explains what the 'Sex and the City' actress needs to do to become governor of New York.


Why This Local Group Wants to Halt New Fracking Pipeline Construction

"Does New York City realize they're about to be locked into fracked gas for the next 40 years?"


The Rocky Road to Free College

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Excelsior Scholarship Mixes the Best and the Worst of College Affordability


How One Mom Is Coping with New York's Restrictive Medical Weed Program

We find out how one mom is getting around New York's medical marijuana restrictions to get the strong dose of cannabis oil she needs to help treat her daughter's severe epilepsy.


CVS Pharmacies in New York Will Start Selling Heroin Overdose Antidote Over the Counter

The ability to buy the opiate antidote without a prescription is a big step toward cutting down heroin-related deaths.


A Judge Has Banned DraftKings and FanDuel From Operating in New York

The judge upheld the belief that DraftKings and FanDuel are nothing but a "multibillion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans."


What We Know About the Secretive Upstate New York Church Where a Teenager Was Beaten to Death

After the death of 19-year-old Lucas Leonard, the Word of Life, in New Hartford, is making national headlines.


After the Two Killers Escaped from New York Prison, Guards Reportedly Unleashed Hell on Other Inmates

Inmates say they were threatened with waterboarding, sent to solitary confinement, and straight-up punched in the face as guards desperately tried to figure out what happened in the days after the escape.


How to Protect Yourself from Violence in Prison

Whenever you go to the prison yard, there's always a chance you won't make it back. I would know: I spent ten years inside and learned how to weaponize everything from magazines to cigarette filters.


Was There a Corrupt Heroin Ring Inside the Prison Richard Matt and David Sweat Escaped From?

A dozen employees at Clinton Correctional Facility have been placed on leave amid rumors of widespread heroin use and reports that the two convicted murderers did a dry run of their escape.