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I Made Peace With My Body on a Sweaty Dance Floor

On a dance floor, I realized that I can use my mind not to punish myself, but to invite a special brand of silence to make room for celebration.​
Kimberly Drew

A Drunk Horse Gave Me the Best Professional Advice I Ever Received

How sneaking clips of "BoJack Horseman" at the office helped one newfound corporate professional cope with workplace stress.
Elyse Fox
this is fine

Announcing Our New Sunday Newsletter: This Is Fine.

A weekly look at the highly personal and specific ways we go about improving our days.
Broadly Staff

I Have Borderline Personality Disorder. Any Advice for Me?

This week in the Coping newsletter: How to date someone with anxiety, the scourge of texting, and some advice for a reader with borderline personality disorder.
Tonic Editors

What Does It Mean If You Just Want to Sleep All the Time?

This week in the Coping newsletter: Therapy is poorly designed for the male patient, meditating on your own death is weirdly good for your mental health, and a solution for a reader who can't stop sleeping.
Tonic Editors

How Do I Get My Family Member to Talk to Me Again?

This week in the Coping newsletter: Unusual anxiety symptoms, how to manage a panic attack, and advice for dealing with an angry family member.
Tonic Editors

My Best Friend Died. How Do I Slow Down and Let Myself Grieve?

This week in the Coping newsletter: The things that make you anxious, a breathing exercise for calming down, and some advice for a grieving reader.
Tonic Editors
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Who the Hell Is This 'Crypto-Genius?'

James Altucher is the man behind the stare.
Jordan Pearson

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