There Goes the Super Bowl for the Saints

After their 13-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys last night, home field advantage throughout the playoffs is looking bleak, and with it: a trip to the Super Bowl.


The Cardinals vs. Rams Game Embodies the NFC's Weird West

One team is a perennial NFC favorite with a 1-3 record. The other was a laughing stock in Week 1—they're now 3-1.


Dutch Designers Just Launched an Anti-Surveillance Coat

KOVR designs coats and bags interlaced with a metalliferous fabric that renders your phone untraceable and the computer chips in bank cards unreadable.


Johnny Manziel Clears Waivers, Is Now a Free Agent

Oh, it's official, alright.


A Guide To Enjoying The Carson Palmer Renaissance

Carson Palmer has endured a pair of wrecked knees, a disastrous stint in Oakland, and all manner of bad luck. At 36, he's playing better than he ever has.


Watching The Carolina Panthers, Who Go Where They Please

The Carolina Panthers dominated the regular season—and much of their playoff game against Seattle—in a strong and singular way. Maybe it's time to believe it.


The Canadian Government’s Digital Cash Tech Is Finally Going Commercial

But is it all its cracked up to be?


Watching The Arizona Cardinals, The Last Happy NFL Team

The NFL is a dour and difficult league, in large part because that's how football is. What makes the Arizona Cardinals unique is how lightly they carry all that.


49ers Win Thanks to an Insane Blocked Field Goal in OT, Ruin Their Draft Position

Sometimes, a loss is better for the future.


Know When to Bundle Up With This 'Wearable Weather Station'

Has your friend still not turned on the heat? Now you'll know before you head over.


Situation Impossible: Replacing Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham suffered a particularly grisly injury, but luckily for the Seattle Seahawks' playoff hopes, most of the NFC is a dumpster fire.