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Teammate Stops Interview to Celebrate Lamar Jackson Getting Picked by Ravens

The NFL Draft is full of surprises. But perhaps none sweeter than watching Jaire Alexander celebrate his Louisville teammate get picked in the first round.


Josh Allen Deletes, Apologizes for Racist Tweets from High School

The NFL Draft prospect dropped the N-word several times, and topped it off with a Hitler reference.


Baker Mayfield Seals Fate as Newest Jets Quarterback

Mayfield recreated the famed draft day picture of Brett Favre lounging on his bed and now, for sure, he is destined to be a New York Jet.


NFL Coach Wants to Know What You Would You Do if he Punched You in the Face

One NFL coach asked former Ohio State linebacker Jerome Baker that classic interview question we've all had to answer at one point.


The Exact Moment it All Went Wrong for NFL Teams That Didn't Make Playoffs

In 1998, the city of Cleveland was awarded an expansion franchise, which was named the Browns.


The Jets Are Doing the Right Thing—Really

It can still make sense to tank in the NFL, so best of luck to the New York Jets on their 0-16 season.


Big 12 Football Has a Talent Problem

The 2017 NFL draft demonstrated just how far the conference has fallen behind its Power Five peers. An inability to lock down Texas high school recruits is largely to blame.


Gareon Conley Admits Receiving Oral Sex From Accuser

The Oakland Raiders cornerback remains under investigation, but his story seems to have changed.


Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter Account is Insanely Good

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter account is a delight.


Roger Goodell Says Some Dumb Shit About Weed

Roger Goodell went on TV and said weed has an "addictive nature." Nothing about opioids, though!


Gareon Conley Took a Lie-Detector Test After Rape Accusations Surfaced

"It's off the charts, honestly," Conley said. "Just to know that they have faith in me."


Myles Garrett, Good! Mitch Trubisky, Argh! The NFL Underground Mailbag

Christopher Harris answers all your questions about the 2017 NFL draft, and pours one out for Bears fans.