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Bills OT Seantrel Henderson, Who Uses Weed to Treat Crohn's Disease, Suspended 10 Games

It is Henderson's second suspension for violating the NFL's substances-of-abuse policy since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease in December 2015.


Josh Gordon Entering Rehab One Week Before His Return from Suspension

Josh Gordon has voluntarily entered rehab so that he "can gain full control" of his life.


Three Players Named in Al Jazeera Report Agree to Meet with NFL

Three of the four players the NFL demanded interviews with agreed to show up, out of fear of a suspension.


The NFL Should Stop Suspending Players, Period

Why is Roger Goodell so insistent on policing what goes into athletes' bodies?


The NFL, Josh Gordon, Drug Testing, and Second Chances

Commissioner Roger Goodell has another chance to do the right thing.