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The Most Amazing Moments from the Cleveland Browns' First Win Since 2016

A possum and a shirtless J.R. Smith in the stands. Baker Mayfield's NFL debut. Free Bud Light for the city of Cleveland after beating the Jets. It was a spectacular night.
Liam Daniel Pierce

This is Ryan Fitzpatrick Now

Fitzmagic struck for the second straight week as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Philadelphia Eagles.
Sean Newell

Woman Slays to Nate Dogg at Bengals Nursing Home Tailgate

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick decided to burn it down before tonight's game against the Ravens with the real OGs.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Air Drummer at Ravens Game Absolutely Nails Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'

The man, a drummer in the Ravens' marching band, knows his Rush, knows it real well.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Fresh-Faced Marshawn Lynch is a Joy to Behold

We are so here for young Marshawn, but do not forget that he is still a bad dude.
Sean Newell

Ryan Fitzpatrick's Son Starts Dad in Fantasy, is a Genius

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback had a helluva game against the New Orleans Saints, and his son Brady must've racked up some points.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Tom Brady Helped Put GOAT in the Dictionary

Merriam-Webster added GOAT, and you'll be pretty shocked to learn who it was first used to describe online.
Liam Daniel Pierce

We Spent the Day With the NFL's Most Notorious Trash-Talker

We visited Jacksonville's unapologetically shit-talking CB Jalen Ramsey as he preps for his third NFL season.
Jon Gugala
super bowl

Malcolm Jenkins: I Need Football Now More Than Ever

Hopefully, this year's Philadelphia Eagles team can be an example of how loving each other and your communities can actually make you a better team.
Malcolm Jenkins
tecmo super bowl

'Tecmo Super Bowl': The Video Game That Changed Football

Tecmo was more than Bo Jackson, it revolutionized video games and how we looked at real (and fantasy) football.
Patrick Dubuque
The 16 project

Jojuan Collins Carries the Football Hopes of L.A.’s Public Schools

The 16-year-old running back went against the grain and chose his hometown school over the wealthy private schools that have been poaching the city's best talent for years.
Mike Piellucci
16 project

Kayvon Thibodeaux is Rushing Between Two Worlds

He's the country's top overall high school football player. And he just left his neighborhood behind. But the people closest to him say football isn't even his greatest gift.
Mike Piellucci