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Four NFL Players were Allegedly Turned Away from a London Club for Being "Too Urban"

The athletes were allegedly turned away from Cirque Le Soir​ even though they had reservations.
Alexander Iadarola
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Why British Fans Aren’t Sold on a London Franchise, and Other Awkward Truths for the NFL

When we spoke to British NFL fans, more than 60% wanted to keep the International Series over having a team, with only 15% backing a London franchise. The league may need to revise its plans for British domination.
Ben Halls
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How Do British Fans Pick Their NFL Team?

How do Brits find such love for teams that are based thousands of miles away? It's a mixed bag of first games, holiday destinations, and dumb luck.
Ben Halls
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​Riding the Second Wave: The Ressurection of the NFL in the UK

As important as hosting competitive games at Wembley was for the NFL's rejuvenation in Britain, it owes its current success to two other crucial areas: universities, and a cult following.
Ben Halls
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​Turning A British Crowd American

At the first NFL game staged at Wembley back in 2007, the crowd acted like they were watching a game of cricket. But last Sunday's encounter showed that attitudes are shifting – and becoming more American.
Ben Halls

An American Football Player in London: The Journey of Victor X

Victor X, formerly known as Victor Ebubedike, was once the best American football player in the UK. His story is even more interesting than you'd think.
Alex Cassidy

The NFL Is Lying About Its Popularity

The NFL claims one in five Britons watched NFL programming last year. Sadly, they're not the only ones who believe this.
Aaron Gordon