The First Space-Based ‘Nation’ Wants to Store Data Off-Planet, Beyond the Law

'Asgardia' plans to launch a data storage satellite beyond the reach of Earthly laws—an ambitious and problematic goal.


Activists Need to Watch Out for Fake Encryption Keys

An attacker could disrupt messages, or in more limited cases, perhaps read email contents.


The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Makes Incremental Progress at the UN

It overcame resistance from Russia at the last minute, starting a diplomatic process that could lead to a ban.


How Syrian Bakers Are Making Bread Against All Odds

Even in a time of war, Syrians' high standards for bread are uncompromising. Bakers have implemented unique techniques to provide the daily bread under conflict.


Wheat As a Weapon of War in Syria

How the Syrian regime, rebels, jihadists, and NGOs are fighting for control of of the country's most powerful resource.


How Brazilian Soccer Came to Haiti and Haitian Soccer Came to Brazil

The Black Pearls, a Haitian youth soccer team, competed in Brazil's famed Copa São Paulo. The tournament didn't go so well, but simply playing in it was a victory.


These Activists Set Up Roadside Kitchens for Europe’s Refugees

Food activism group No Border Kitchen serves thousands of meals to refugees every day, setting up in the street or squats. I join them in Lesbos, half a mile from the island’s ferry terminal.


Making Zines with Kids from Kenya’s Slums

Social change through small-scale DIY publishing.


Tinned Sweetcorn and Chocolate Biscuits Are Helping Calais Migrants Feel Human

While many at “The Jungle” migrant camp in Calais rely on meals provided by French authorities, Sudanese refugee Saif cooks with donated British food. “We need to survive by eating as we wait for good news,” he says.


This New 'Secure' App for Journalists May Not Be Secure At All

Experts say Reporta doesn't follow best practices.


Moscow Wants to Ban American Pro-Democracy NGO and Other Groups From Operating in Russia

Russia has launched a new crackdown on groups like the US National Endowment for Democracy that might challenge President Vladimir Putin’s monopoly on power.