nice guys

    • 6.11.14

      People Reviews

      In honor of the Profiles Issue, we decided to review musicians instead of music, like who has the best face and who is the worst person.

    • 6.4.14

      Offline Activism Is the Tricky Part for #YesAllWomen

      Over the weekend, an offshoot of the American Revolutionary Communist Party organized a series of #YesAllWomen-based rallies in Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco. The tweets were better.

    • 5.22.13

      Juggalos Are OK, Cupid

      OkCupid Juggalos is a Tumblr devoted to pointing and laughing at people who get panic attacks, work at McDonald's, run possum adoption agencies, and happen to be Insane Clown Posse fans. Why are people cool with it?

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    • 1.31.13

      Deerhoof Don't Want to be Understood

      We thought it was dumb when some recent articles described Deerhoof as a new band. But then we spoke to Greg Saunier and he told us it was pretty much all his fault.