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Univision is set to buy Gawker Media out of bankruptcy for $135 million

The $135 million acquisition of Gawker is the latest in a series of deals aimed at making the Latino-focused TV network a bigger player in digital media.


Peter Thiel says journalists have nothing to fear from him

The Silicon Valley billionaire wrote an op-ed about the Gawker bankruptcy auction he helped force by financing Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against the company.


Most Americans don't care that Peter Thiel crushed Gawker

The world of media was rocked by the tech billionaire's successful lawsuit against a gadfly news website. A poll by VICE News and Yougov indicates that the world at large wasn't.


This Is Gawker Media's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing

Gawker filed for bankruptcy Friday.


Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $115 Million in Privacy Suit Against Gawker

Gawker plans to appeal the ruling, citing 'improperly withheld' witnesses.


Gawker Is on Trial for the Sins of the Early Blogosphere

Perhaps the lesson of Gawker is that outside investors sanitize content for the purpose of sustainability.


All Net Journalism = Cyberbullying

The online snark economy is dead. Can sites like Gawker survive the age of positive-wave content?