Nicola Formichetti

    • 11.22.16

      Mykki Blanco Shares Pornhub-Produced Video For "Loner"

      The clip was also produced in collaboration with NYC fashion label Nicopanda.

    • 12.24.13

      Nicopanda's Ho Ho Holiday Special

      Follow Nicola Formichetti and his team of artists as they create an alternative holiday experience and space for New York's most interesting and holiday-dubious residents to party, play, and mess shit up.

    • 12.22.13

      Nicopanda's Ho Ho Holiday Special - Sticker Teaser

      In this trailer for the wildest Christmas special ever, New York's cool kids party in Nicola Formichetti's alternative holiday space that features more psychedelic lights than a Christmas tree and as much messed-up stuff as an eggnog bender.

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    • 7.3.12

      Fashion Studio - Gary Card

      The young prince of weird pop props.

    • 3.1.11

      Nicola Formichetti

      Designer Nicola Formichetti was born in Japan and raised in Italy, which is the fashion-industry equivalent of an anorexic midget with arms like Popeye deciding to become a jockey.