nigel benn

    • 7.7.17

      A History of Racial Epithets In Boxing

      From the time of Jack Johnson all the way up to the nineties heyday of British boxing, race has been used to define fighters and ethnicity used to sell fights.

    • 4.19.16

      The Cult: Nigel Benn

      Nicknamed "The Dark Destroyer," Nigel Benn was a popular and gutsy British boxer famous for his fights with Chris Eubank. But the darkness inside Benn sometimes threatened to destroy more than just his opponents.

    • 2.25.16

      Benn–McClellan: The Fight That Changed Lives

      21 years ago Gerald McClellan fought Nigel Benn for the WBC super middleweight title. It was a brutal contest that left the American fighting for his life, and a changed man thereafter.

    • 1.29.16

      The Cult: Chris Eubank

      The latest inductee to The Cult was a divisive British boxer whose bouts with Nigel Benn attracted huge TV audiences. To some he was an insult to his sport; to others, Chris Eubank was Simply the Best.

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