Nigel Farage

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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Steve Bannon's Rumored Napoleon Portrait

The hunt is on.
Nathaniel Ainley

The Unholy Bond Between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

Currently, Nigel Farage is Trump's only real British political ally. What does that mean for the future of British-American relations?
Mark Wilding
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Including Brexit In Football Manager Is A Horrible Idea, And Precisely What We Deserve

Even when playing the latest edition of everyone’s favourite football simulator, we will be confronted by the grim misery of Brexit. You get what you vote for, we suppose.
Will Magee

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump calls Clinton a "bigot" during a rally with Brexit leader Nigel Farage, an attack on American University in Afghanistan kills 12, Prince's home will be opened to the public, and more.
VICE Staff
Europe: The Final Countdown

Glastonbury, Brexit, and Euro 16: Will Self on the Weird State of Britain

An odyssey into the abyss, starting in the Somerset mud.
Will Self
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We Asked Everyone At Glastonbury How It Felt Waking Up To Brexit

For a festival that prides itself on being rooted in hippie culture, the answers I found weren't particularly unanimous.
Oobah Butler

Angry Farmers Are Marching Cows and Sheep Through Central London

Hundreds of farmers marched in a protest organised by radical lobby group Farmers For Action last week. By descending on London, they hoped to push the government to act on the problems facing British farm workers.
Charlie Taverner

Nigel Farage, Possible Undead Vampire, Is Leader of UKIP Again

A single zombie's arm emerges from the fresh grave, pint in hand, screaming through a mouthful of soil that "Europe is bad."
Joel Golby

Who Will Replace the Three UK Political Party Leaders Who Resigned Today?

A look at the candidates who could replace Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage.
Michael Segalov

The UK General Election Result Will Probably End Up Changing Britain Forever

The Scottish National Party won big, the centrist Liberal Democrats lost badly, and the Conservatives held on to power in a result that has shocked the nation.
Aaron Bastani

A Company Called 'UKIP Media Events' Has Been Getting Angry Phone Calls from People Who Hate Nigel Farage

I spoke to the CEO of the events company, who told me about receiving abuse from confused people.
Simon Childs
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

LGBT Mental Health: Are We Doing Enough?

The results of a five-year-long study have found that 34 percent of young LGB people had made at least one suicide attempt in their lives.
Patrick Cash