Salmon Prices Are Skyrocketing Thanks to a 'Sea Lice' Epidemic

According to the delicious-sounding NASDAQ Salmon Index, salmon prices have gone up by 13.51 percent in the last 12 weeks.


Behold the Sushi-Making Robot of the Future

Robots have already changed our relationship with food pretty drastically. But what about more soigné crafts like sushi-making? Well, actually, there’s a robot for that, too.


Believe It or Not, Sushi Is Pretty Damn American

It turns out that in an act of hegemony not seen since Manifest Destiny, we Americans have taken over sushi and re-made it in our inimitable image.


Is Naked Sushi All About the Nigiri or the Nudity?

Mark Scharaga, the "Naked Sushi King," sees the model as part of the aesthetic, not the main course itself. “We’re not selling sex—we’re selling an experience with a beautiful woman or man,” he claims.