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Parkland safety commission's solution to prevent school shootings? More guns in schools.

"We don’t want it, but it’s necessary. This is a new day. It’s a new world.”
Tess Owen
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Should 'Late Adolescence' Protect Young People from Execution?

The years between 18 and 21 are a sort of societal limbo period when, in most states, you can't drink, but you can smoke—and get sentenced to die.
Beth Schwartzapfel
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“Just fucking kill me:” Parkland shooter gives chilling video confession

The tape reveals further evidence of the shooter’s extremely disturbed mental state, which went largely unaddressed before he committed the heinous crime.
Christianna Silva
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"You’re all going to die": Parkland shooter’s chilling cell phone videos may clinch his death sentence

He planned to Uber to his former school, unload his guns, and start shooting.
Christianna Silva
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Father of Parkland shooting victim is suing the school officer who didn’t go inside

"He let those innocent people die because he was a coward," the lawsuit alleges.
Christianna Silva
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Police recreated the Parkland shooting with this simple but horrifying animation

The victims, depicted as dots, change color when they’re injured or killed.
Christianna Silva
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Florida wants to take guns away from Parkland shooter’s brother using its new “red flag” law

The law gives authorities more leeway to confiscate guns from those deemed mentally unfit.
Alex Lubben

30 states want to take guns away from people with "troubling" behavior

Five states already have these protection orders that allow for a temporary seizure.
Tess Owen

Here’s how Trump just broke with the NRA — kind of

The NRA has for months supported most of the gun reforms Trump backed this week.
Alex Thompson
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YouTube admits Florida shooting conspiracy shouldn't have been trending

The top trending video on YouTube at one point Wednesday suggested that a student survivor of the shooting was an "actor."
Noah Kulwin
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13-year-old arrested for copycat threat in same Florida district as Parkland shooting

Police have already made at least a dozen arrests related to copycat threats in the wake of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.
Taylor Dolven
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How another school massacre was stopped a day before the Florida shooting

“I need to get the biggest fatality number I possibly can."
Rick Anderson