Researchers Debunk An Evolutionary Assumption Using Nipples

Female nipple variations have implications for the evolution of other sexual organs, too.


A Beginner's Guide to Getting into Nipple Play

The road to maximized nipple pleasure is paved with lube and rotating hand motions.


The Butt Nut: The Bootylicious Star of the Seychelles’ Ecosystem

From the rear, a coco de mer seed is the fruit equivalent of a belfie. Frontally, it’s a life-size replica of a woman’s reproductive region, including thigh tops, an exposed belly, and a pudendal cleft. It’s the Kim Kardashian of the plant kingdom.


By Painting Boobs on Boobs, This Artist Subverts Instagram's Anti-Woman Censorship

Freeing the nipple with Barcelona-based artist Claudia Sahuquillo.


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How Nipple Tattoos Are Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Heal

After undergoing reconstructive surgery following her mastectomy, Lisa Chavis decided to have areolas tattooed onto her new breasts—a trend that is helping some breast cancer survivors mark the end of their treatment.


400 Sparkling Nipples Shed Light on Facebook's Bullshit Nudity Policies

Anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus protested internet censorship outside Facebook’s Madrid HQ with a glowing reminder of the utter shamefulness of censoring a tit.


An Artist Creates Nurturing Pillows Shaped Like Breasts

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The Titillating Rise of Nipple Piercings

Long before Kylie Jenner betwitched her Instagram followers with her pierced nipple selfie, women through the ages were pricking and adorning their "little apples of paradise" in acts of rebellion and pleasure.


'Free the Nipple' Bernie Sanders Activist Sues LAPD for False Arrest, Assault

According to a lawsuit filed last week, after a 25-year-old woman allegedly removed the tape covering her nipples outside a Bernie Sanders rally in LA, all hell broke loose.