Tesla Makes the Industry’s Safest Cars in One of its Most Dangerous Factories

A judge has found Elon Musk in violation of labor law numerous times. This makes sense considering how unsafe his factory is.


Inside the College Union Beef Exposing Liberal America's Elite Hypocrisy

"One of reasons I applied here was because of that commitment to social justice... it's really disheartening to see that that might have been a façade."


NLRB Busts 'Student-Athlete' Myth By Classifying Private School Football Players As Employees

The NLRB's General Counsel publicly published a memorandum declaring that college football players at private universities are actually employees of those schools.


NLRB Ruling in Northwestern Case Could Pave Way for Player Compensation Claims

The NLRB held that private schools regularly monitoring players social media use, among other things, is an unfair labor practice.


How Virginia Tech Football Fines Undermine the NCAA

When Virginia Tech assistant football coach Bud Foster talked about fining players, his real mistake was telling the truth about "amateur" NCAA sports.


Why the NCAA May End Up Embracing College Athlete Unions

The NCAA celebrated last week's NLRB punt on Northwestern football players' unionization push, but if college athletes are ever recognized as employees, the association likely will reconsider.


The NLRB's Decision About Northwestern Football Players Unionizing Is Just Plain Weird

The National Labor Relations Board's decision on Monday that it wasn't going to make any decision on the Northwestern University football unionization case perplexes legal observers and journalists alike.


NLRB To Northwestern Football Union: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A unionization bid by Northwestern University football players is dead in the water after the National Labor Relations Board declined to assert jurisdiction over their case. What happened, and what does it mean for college sports?


Will Unions Save College 'Student Athletes' from Poverty?

College athletes are basically employees, except they don't get paid and go hungry all the time.


Will Unions Save College 'Student Athletes' from Poverty?

The National Labor Relations Board says that college athletes are technically employees and therefore should be allowed to unionize. Great—now how long before they can get paid?