No Child Left Behind


'No Pineapple Left Behind' Asks Players to Run Schools Like Prisons

In the battle for funding and the need for standardized tests, the drive to educate gets pushed by the wayside.


Protect a Bullied Student in this Game Where You Are a School Principal

"No Pineapple Left Behind," soon to be released, is designed to be a political critique of the US school system.


The George W. Bush Museum is Just as Infuriating as You Think it is

Baby Bush was a great president. According to his own museum, that is.


How the Military Collects Data on Millions of High School Students

Since 2001, any school that receives federal funding is required under the No Child Left Behind Act to provide the Pentagon data.


The US Military Is Collecting Data on Millions of High School Students

With the help of schools across the country, the US military is exploiting a loophole in the law to gather personal information on millions of Americans.