No Doubt


Sadly, Gwen Stefani Has Been Problematic This Whole Time

I didn’t realize Gwen Stefani had a legacy of cultural appropriation until I got older. And for this, I am no longer a fan.
Wanna Thompson

The Emotional Journey of Listening to No Doubt During Your Saturn Return

Fresh out of a long-term relationship and entering my Saturn return, I've been feeling confused and hopeless. So I revisited "Return of Saturn" to see what I could learn from Gwen Stefani's evolution as an artist and person.
Sara David
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Gwen Stefani, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts Sing "Hollaback Girl"

Between James Corden explaining that the eggplant is internet code for dick and George Clooney dropping a thinkpiece on "Hollaback Girl," there's a lot to digest in this Carpool Karaoke.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Batten Down the Hatches! Gwen Stefani Wrote Another Breakup Anthem

Her new single "Used to Love You" is a certified tearjerker.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

Navel Gazing: Looking Back at No Doubt's 'Tragic Kingdom' 20 Years Later

We reassess No Doubt's breakthrough album and celebrate the moment Gwen morphed from ska-punk singer to a bonafide trendsetting pop star.
Nick Levine
Festivals 2015

All the Coolest Stuff We Saw at Riot Fest, Illustrated

Bootsy Collins, GWAR, and De La Soul were among the many highlights we captured in ink for your viewing pleasure.
Brian Butler
The Score

Mapping the Music and Style of 'Tank Girl'

Gwen Stefani based her look off 'Tank Girl,' plus there are cameos from Iggy Pop and Ice-T, as well as a soundtrack curated by Courtney Love—this post-apocalyptic flick is due for some dissection.
Elizabeth Sankey

The Vandals 'Oi To The World' Is The Christmas Album St. Nick Doesn't Wan't You To Hear

Revel in the Holiday Jeer and Jacking-Off of The Vandal's Seminal Christmas album 'Oi To The World'

Looking Back at Love. Angel. Music. Baby., Gwen Stefani's Racist Pop Frankenstein, Ten Years Later

The album is simultaneously a racist mess, a lyrical car crash, and a treasure chest containing champagne kisses.
Hazel Cills

The Internet Is Killing Warped Tour

If kids have the internet and EDM, do they really need punk rock?
Mitchell Sunderland

Manuel Noriega Wants to Get Paid For Being In Call of Duty

The former Panamanian dictator alleges he was depicted as a "kidnapper, murderer, and enemy of the state" — and should get paid for it.
Kayla Ruble
What I Learned About Style…

What I Learned About Style from No Doubt's "Just a Girl"

When I saw No Doubt’s video for “Just a Girl” it changed my life…
Francisca Magis