No Regular Play


How No Regular Play Overcame the Loss of a Parent to Make Their Nostalgic Second Album

The Brooklyn duo of Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn made ‘Can’t You See’ as a drive down memory lane, through the good times and bad.


No Regular Play's New Album, ‘Can’t You See,’ Is About Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Its first single, “Lake Gilmore,” runs deep with nostalgia.


Todd Edwards, Gorgon City, and Kidnap Kid Reveal their Touring Essentials

We met up with the DJs at the ninth annual BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.


Todd Edwards, Kidnap Kid, and Gorgon City Spill the Beans On Their Guilty Pleasure Songs

At this year's BPM Festival in Mexico we find out "Todd the God" is a secret Belieber and No Regular Play does the "Jitterbug."


Crew Love Launch Their New Label With a Funky House Anthem from Soul Clap, PillowTalk, and Greg Paulus

Stream "Love Train," while you wait for the 11 track full-album from the collective of BFFs .


Watch Crew Love Get Hyphy On Their European Tour

Farting on the bus, drinking on the bus, singing Shabba Ranks.


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Jazzy ear-love from a talented musical trio.


Justin Miller Wants You to Have a Killer Time

THUMP talks to the HAKT mastermind and former DFA Records dude.


No Regular Play Will Launch A Baguette At Your Face

Wolf+Lamb's jazz-house iconoclasts on ruffling the feathers of the establishment, throwing cabbages at douchebags, and ending up in the "Shangri-La palace of delightfulness."


Feeling the Crew Love In Queens With Wolf + Lamb

We did our sleaziest boogie, met some aerialists, and curled up in techno hammocks (we got pictures, too!)