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This Video of an Ump Calmly Defusing Rage-Consumed Terry Collins is Delightful

In this video from 2016, Noah Syndergaard was ejected for throwing behind Chase Utley, and then-Mets manager Terry Collins lost his shit. Now we know what he said.


Noah Syndergaard is Back, Glistening and Throwing Heat Right When We Needed It

Last time we saw Thor, he was clutching his arm in agony. Now he's throwing gas again, and a tiny bit is right with the world again.


What the Hell are the Mets Doing?

Noah Syndergaard AND Matt Harvey will pitch tomorrow.


Noah Syndergaard Makes His Cameo on 'Game of Thrones'

The injured Mets pitcher flew to Spain last November to film the scene and it finally aired on HBO last night.


Blue Jays Mailbag: Why the Dickey-Syndergaard Trade Was Defensible

Andrew Stoeten looks back at the 2012 Blue Jays-Mets blockbuster trade, and examines whether Justin Smoak's hot start is sustainable.


Noah Syndergaard Is Hurt, The Mets Are The Mets

Neither one of these things is good, but the second one is more complicated than the first.


Yeah, So the Nats Just Put Up 23 Runs Against the Mets

Syndergaard was injured and the Mets were dealing with a third-string catcher, but good goddamn.


Mr. Met Roasts Noah Syndergaard on Valentine's Day

Mr. Met went to the "your mom" well to burn Mets ace Noah Syndergaard.


Madison Bumgarner Is Inevitable

San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner out-dueled the New York Mets' Noah Syndergaard last night, and the game never looked in doubt.


Getting To Yes With The New York Mets

For this year's New York Mets, every minute of October baseball is gravy. Hilarious, impossible, ridiculous gravy.


A Horse Named After Noah Syndergaard Is Now a Kentucky Derby Favorite

And apparently, there are all kinds of horses named after Mets. Per The New York Times, there's a Cespedes, a DeGrom and a Mr. Met.


Padres Rule, Big Papi Crushes, and Snorting Coke-Cain: Dave Brown's Unscientific MLB Power Rankings

We took the math out of power rankings because math is hard. Instead, we have camo suits, Thor's home runs, and Bartolo's slow ass home run trot.