Noble Rot

    • 6.17.16

      Making Burgers and Bourguignon with the Chef Who Democratized London Dining

      Rowley Leigh, founder of legendary London restaurant Café Anglais, brought a new egalitarianism to the fine dining scene of 80s London. “I do really good food in an accessible manner. I think we were pioneering in that respect,” he says at a recent...

    • 11.9.15

      Tasting Communism in the Vineyards of Hungary

      During the Soviet occupation of Hungary, the state ripped up the prized, centuries-old vineyards of Tokaj and started mass-producing swill in bulk.

    • 9.19.15

      This Week in Food Porn

      Welcome to This Week in Food Porn, MUNCHIES’ guide to the most drool-inducing pics posted to the ’gram in the past seven days. With strictly no #nomnomnom.