• 3.28.19

      Kanye Sounds Like a Bad Date

      Pete Davidson finally explains that viral photo of his dinner with Kanye: "He's an order the fucking everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe... because fuck you... guy."

    • 1.19.18

      An Actual First Date with Actual Pete Wentz

      I’d never gone on a date that was any more than “shall we sit in the park until we get bored and kiss?” until this one.

    • 9.21.16

      Spam and Wonton Soup Cured My Fear of Canned Meat

      Memories of the Spam sandwiches I was forced to eat as a school kid had given me a lifelong aversion to the canned ham—until I tried London chef Emil Tryka’s soup.

    • 2.2.15

      New York's Health Department Wants to Freeze All of Its Sushi

      The NY Department of Health is currently considering new requirements that would mandate that all raw fish used for sushi be frozen—but most of it likely already is.

    • 10.15.14

      Nikkei Is the Beautiful Love Child of Peru and Japan

      Nikkei cuisine is gastronomic natural selection at its finest, a flawless spawn of epicurean intercourse. It breeds two master culinary races, both of which possess an age-old history and flaunt superior native ingredients.

    • 5.30.14

      Malibu Is a Culinary Wasteland

      Most people hear the name “Malibu” and flash to images of a star-studded beach town where Pamela Anderson is being trailed by the paparazzi in her Ugg boots near beautiful beach front homes, rehab centers, and high-end stores. Even though it's gorgeous...

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    • 4.23.14

      A New York Sugar Baby's Lessons in Eating Out

      Madeline dates sugar daddies to supplement her income, so she gets wined and dined at some of the best restaurants in the world. She talked to me about some of the most memorable (and erotic) experiences she's had with haute cuisine.

    • 3.15.01

      How to Eat in Las Vegas

      Every rundown old hotel and casino partakes in the old Vegas tradition of hosting a ridiculously inexpensive buffet full of inedible food.