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Rap Is Banned in Iran, But the Underground Scene Is Flourishing

"We have so many forbidden things in Iran, but does that prevent us from doing them? If forbidden rap can tell good stories, go ahead and forbid it! The ban only means it's an opportunity."
Quentin Müller

These Photos Capture the Colorful Joy of France's 90s Rave Scene

In his new book, photographer Olivier Degorce revisits the vanguardist decade of the French club scene. It’s an intimate and fleeting look into the golden age of European techno.
Marc-Aurèle Baly

OK, We Definitely Lost Drake

The music video for "God's Plan" may be the moment we see Drake cross the "too famous to be in touch with reality" threshold.
Marc-Aurèle Baly

I Made Beats for Saddam Hussein

In 2003, Nasrat Al-Bader was conscripted by the Iraqi dictator to compose war hymns. Following a series of frenzied events, he later emerged as the country’s most influential rapper-producer.
Quentin Müller
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The Best French Techno Festival Is in Saint-Étienne

At Positive Education, there are sulfate kicks, super sugary Krieks and after-parties dirtier than your shoes.
Marc-Aurèle Baly

An Afternoon with Sama, the DJ Who Brought Techno to Palestine

A few weeks from her appearance at Transmusicales in Rennes, France, we met with Sama Abdulhadi to talk about her professional journey, the techno scene in Ramallah, and her reticence toward the "Arab-electro trend."
Théophile Pillault

Gary Numan Wants to Declare War on Nostalgia

"All these comeback tours we're seeing from has-been 80s and 90s artists—it's ridiculous. It makes me want to take out a bazooka and destroy it all. I'll fight this until I'm 100 if I have to."
Albert Potiron