Noisey Mix


This Mechatok Mix Is Like a 'Little Party Inside Your Brain'

The Berlin-based producer's daydreamy dance music could give you the lift you need to make it to the weekend.


Ellen Arkbro’s Noisey Mix Is Mystifying Music for Deep Listening

On the heels of a methodical new album called 'CHORDS,' the Swedish composer shares some of the patient music that inspires her work.


This Lil Texas Mix Is Full of Brutal Hardcore to... Have Sex to?

The Dallas-born producer thinks the freaks are ready to take over EDM.


Scott Gilmore's Noisey Mix Is Like Pop Radio From a Parallel Universe

The otherworldly Los Angeles musician's set pays tribute to Jimi Hey's 'Rainbow Jail' show, which pulls together strange songs from bygone eras.


Mukqs' Noisey Mix Is the Perfect Escape-from-Reality Music

The Chicago-based experimenter released a disorienting full-length earlier this month and will put out another next week. His new mix is full of similarly transcendent beats.


This Minimal Violence Mix Will Help You Transcend This Mundane Meatspace

The Vancouver duo celebrates their incredible LP 'InDreams,' with a mix of dark and delirious techno.


This Foodman Mix Is a Strange Trip Through Experimental Electronic Music

Themed around "urban indigeneity," it slams together producers from his native Japan, boundary-pushers from around the world, and, uh, Bright Eyes.


The 83rd’s Noisey Mix Is a Potent Dose of Underground Energy

Slamming together 30 tracks in 30 minutes, the New York freak scene staple shines a light on the same experimentalists he highlights through his blog and label Sermon 3.


This Nonlocal Forecast Mix Offers Smooth Jazz Fit for Tears and Bong Rips

The Chicago-based artist best known as Fire-Toolz shares a mix of sounds from the world of her proggy computer jazz record ‘Bubble Universe!’


This Mix from Disco Tehran Is a Joyful Celebration of Spring and Belonging

The New York-based collective started throwing dinner parties a few years ago in an apartment as a way of building community. Now, they're onto bigger things.


Sherelle's Noisey Mix Is Full of Dark and Lonely Breaks

Hot off an unreal Boiler Room set, the London-based DJ plays fast and heavy, as she often does.


96 Back’s Noisey Mix Is a Thoughtful Rave

The Sheffield-born, Bristol-based producer’s new set comes in celebration of a colorful, geometric record called ‘Excitable, Girl,’ due out soon on Central Processing Unit.