Nordic Food Lab


We Should Consider Eating Our Own Poop for a Better Future

This modest pooposal is not as far-fetched as it might first sound.
Josh Evans

Why the Future of Food Is Bugs

A new documentary hopes to convince you that eating insects can be delicious and nutritious.
Simon Davis
Scottish food

Why Scotland Needs Its Own Food Lab

Food is so complex and to have to tick the box of either being a supermarket or a cooking school or a restaurant or a cafe is so limiting.
Ben Reade

Scientists Just Discovered a Natural Source of Vegan Bacon

Thank the kale gods, because Oregon State University researchers have discovered a seaweed that tastes just like bacon. Yep, you read that right: pork-flavored algae with none of the squeal.
Munchies Staff

Gin and Tonic Tastes Better with Ants

Culinary research organisation, the Nordic Food Lab has worked with a British distillery to create a gin using red wood ants, an insect with a subtle, citrus-like flavour.
Phoebe Hurst

What noma Taught Me About the Perception of Sweetness

We all know that taste is subjective. But, as I discovered working at Nordic Food Lab and being so close to noma and René "sugar is evil" Redzepi, it's our perception of sweetness that varies the most.
Edith Salminen

You Should Be Cooking with Blood

For those of us who aren't vampires, blood is inherently sensationalist and a challenge to our perceptions of cooking, but it's both wonderful to eat in restaurants and a great tool to use in home cooking.
Ben Reade