Triple Crèmes Are the MDMA of the Cheese World

After just one taste of extra-creamy Pierre Robert, Brillat-Savarin, or Delice de Bourgogne, the sky seems brighter, smells are sweeter, and that hand caressing the small of your back feels like melting velvet.
Charlotte Kamin
Islamic State

Knife-wielding men slit French priest's throat in suspected Islamic State attack

Two attackers descended on a church in Normandy during mass on Tuesday, taking five people hostage and killing an 84-year-old priest.
Kayla Ruble
officer involved

Police Say a Ferguson Man Shot Himself But Many People Are Skeptical

Police say a man from Ferguson shot himself in the nearby town of Normandy, but many people who claim to have witnessed the incident are challenging the official version of events.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

Chef's Night Out: Raj Parr

Host Rajat Parr of The Mina Group takes our taste buds on a journey around the world: grapes from Burgundy, grilled avocados from California, Mexican-inspired kati rolls from India, and 80-year-old apple brandy from Normandy—all in beautiful Santa...
Rajat Parr

Berlin's New French Cider Bar Wants to Get Cows Drunk

Two expats in Berlin gave themselves the task of introducing Apfelwein-drinking Germans to French cider. But cranky producers in Normandy and exploding bottles of raw cider don't make things any easier for them.
Katherine Sacks

What Normandy's Bloodiest Beach Looks Like Today, Through the Eyes of a Drone

Seventy years on, Omaha Beach, the site of D-Day's most infamous battle, is eerily quiet.
Brian Anderson