Here Are America's Best and Worst Governors on Weed

One of America's top legal weed advocacy groups just released its annual report card giving every governor a grade. Not everyone passed.
Harry Cheadle
total eclipse 2017

Weed Activists in the Path of Totality Have Big Plans for the Eclipse

The path of totality cuts through some of the strictest places in the country for cannabis legalization. Activists want to get their message out.
Samantha Cole
Weed Week

The FBI Says It Can Finally Find Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed

The agency says it's managing to meet its hiring goals despite a ban on hiring anyone who's used marijuana within the last three years.
Daniel Oberhaus

Welcome to Hell: Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing Starts Tomorrow

Trump's Attorney General pick was blocked from a federal judgeship in the 80s over his open history of racial discrimination, and everyone from the NAACP to the ACLU to marijuana advocates has raised issues about his record. Will the Senate listen?
Gabby Bess

Weed Advocacy Group to Trump Administration: Wait, What's Actually Happening?

Trump said he would leave the issue of weed legalization to the states—but then he appointed the virulently unchill Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Proponents of legal weed are unsure what to believe.
Gabby Bess

Why Public Health Experts Say Cannabis Should Be Treated Like Tobacco

Policy advocates say that treating the cannabis industry like the next alcohol industry could be a huge mistake. Instead, they point to a different substance for regulatory guidance: tobacco.
Gabby Bess

Can This Breathalyzer Help Cops Know if Drivers Are Actually High?

The folks at Hound Labs say their device is the future of THC testing.
Mike Pearl

A Bong of One's Own: A Brief History of Women and Weed

Exploring the hidden, 4,000-year history of ganja goddesses and woman plant healers at the root of today's cannabis movement.
David Bienenstock

NORML: We Have No Problem Taking Money from Dark Web Drug Dealers

The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws sees no problem taking donations from a dark web dealer.
Joseph Cox

There Was a Laughing-Gas Protest Party Outside Westminster This Weekend

Demonstrators gathered in Parliament Square to inhale NOS in protest against the UK government's new Psychoactive Substances Bill, which bans basically anything that'll get you high.
Chris Giles, Photos: Chris Bethell

The Stoners Fighting for Legal Weed in the UK

As the UK elections approach, the two major parties are both committed to prohibition, even though polls show that half of all Brits are in favor of cannabis decriminalization.
Nick Chowdrey, Photos: Jake Lewis

Getting Stoned in a Park Won't Bring About Cannabis Reform in the UK

We need better forms of protest than getting publicly arrested in Hyde Park for smoking a comedically big joint.
Elliott Haworth