North Africa


Stop Stereotyping Arab Women With Your Halloween Costumes

Photographer Yumna Al-Arashi wants you to trash your sexy Jasmine costume and dress up as her heroes instead.
Yumna Al-Arashi
Zing Tsjeng
migrant crisis

Italy’s new government just left 600 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean

“Enough. Saving lives is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp isn’t."
David Gilbert

The U.S. military is conducting secret missions all over Africa

U.S. military presence in Africa is already huge and still growing.
Nick Turse

Thousands of Tons of Oranges Might Have to Be Destroyed

Farmers in Tunisia are warning that their bumper orange crop may have to be destroyed if buyers for the fruit cannot be found.
Phoebe Hurst

South Sudan rejects new peacekeeping troops even as citizens continue to flee

Ruairi Casey
World Health

HIV infections are growing in the Middle East thanks to a lack of sex-ed and ongoing stigma

Olivia Alabaster

How Majority Muslim Countries Are Handling HIV Infections

In most parts of the world, HIV infections and deaths from AIDS have been falling, but in Muslim-majority regions, new HIV infections have been on the rise since 2001.
Max Daly
war and conflict

Libyan Forces Advance on Islamic State Fighters in Sirte

The brigades have advanced more swiftly than many expected on the Islamic State's stronghold in Libya, though their progress has been hampered by suicide bombers, mines and snipers.
Reuters News Agency
war and conflict

Libyan Fighters Are Driving the Islamic State Out of the Only Major City It Controls in the Country

If the advances are sustained, they could dislodge Islamic State from its most important base outside the Middle East and provide a boost to the UN-backed Government of National Accord.
Reuters News Agency
Open Water

The Bodies of 133 Drowned Migrants Have Washed Ashore in Libya

About three-quarters of the bodies found near the western Libyan city of Zuwara in recent days were women, and there were at least five children.
Reuters and VICE News

Libyan Bikers, and Everybody Else, Fight for Normalcy in a Devastated Country

Libya has a new, UN-backed government and two others fighting for control. That's making life impossible for Libyans, including a biker club that's got nowhere left to ride.
Rebecca Murray

The Number of Migrants Arriving in Greece Has Plummeted

The data represents the first full month since a highly controversial deal was signed between the EU and Turkey aimed at stymieing the flow of asylum seekers arriving in Europe.
Harriet Salem