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Here's an Interactive Map That Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Your Town in 60 Years

If we do nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the weather in New York City will feel like Alabama and Los Angeles will be as hot as the tip of the Baja Peninsula.


California’s Monarch Butterflies Hit ‘Potentially Catastrophic’ Record Low

A discouraging survey of California’s monarch butterfly population signals bad news for the at-risk species.


Glaciers in One of the World’s Largest Ice Fields Are Rapidly Shrinking

A 2018 report called the “State of the Mountains” details the effects of climate change on an iconic North American mountain range.


The Mysterious Disappearance of North America's First Dogs

When people migrated to North America some 10,000 years ago, they brought their canine companions with them.


Canada Can't Accept All America's 'DREAMers' if Trump Deports Them

While a Canadian senator proposes this country should take in 30,000 DREAMers, the reality is a lot murkier.


Scientists Are Surprised That Iconic East-Coast Trees Are Moving West

A new study looks at 30 years' worth of tree data from the eastern US.


Weed legalization will be on the ballot this November in California

The proposal would allow anyone over 21 to possess up to an ounce of weed for private recreational use and grow up to six marijuana plants.


Puerto Rico Is Defaulting on $400 Million in Debt — And Congress Is on Vacation

Congress was supposed to finalize a bill last month to help the US territory solve its debt crisis, but legislators left for vacation without taking action.


Kraftwerk are Bringing Their 3D Concert Experience Back to North America

The techno godfathers will hit the road after headlining Detroit's Movement Festival in May.


Why Your Maple Syrup May Look Darker This Year

North America produces the world’s maple syrup. What happens when it gets too hot?


​Julianna Barwick Announces New Album 'Will' and North American Tour Dates

Watch the video for "Nebula," the Brooklyn musician's first new music since 2013's 'Nepenthe.'


NAFTA Nations To Share Energy Data for a Greener North America

US, Mexico, and Canada signed a clean energy pact on Friday in the first step toward a North American climate accord.