North West


Is Manchester’s Famous 'Curry Mile' Turning into a 'Shisha Cafe Mile'?

The Curry Mile has been Manchester’s South Asian dining destination since the 1960s. Now, more than 30 shisha cafes occupy this stretch of Wilmslow Road, almost outnumbering the curry houses, Indian sweet shops, and restaurants.


North Accidentally Flushed Kanye's Phone Full of 'TLOP' Lyrics Down the Toilet

Is Kanye's daughter the reason behind the poverty bars in "Wolves?"


Everyone in the Music Industry Is on the Credits for 'T.L.O.P.', Including Kanye's Infant Child

Saint West doesn't even know how to speak, but he's already a creative consultant on a major album release.


How Did Kanye West End Up $53 Million in Debt? A Line-by-Line Estimate

Kanye West claimed on Twitter he has amassed $53 million dollars in personal debt. Many wondered how this is possible. Maybe it was all the rare feathers?


Britain Is Suffering a Biscuit Shortage and People Are Freaking Out

Due to recent flooding, the United Biscuits factory in Carlisle was forced to close, leading to nationwide shortages of ginger nuts and custard creams.


KimYe Named Their Son 'Saint West'

He was born the day after Kim tweeted a selfie with the caption, "Ready whenever you are lol."


Parentfork 2015: We Interviewed the "Coolest" Parents at Pitchfork Music Festival

Today, parenting is the hottest look in the universe and babies are the bleeding edge of culture. Ask Kim Kardashian.


Kanye and Kim Are Having Another Baby

North won't be the "Only One" for long.


Kardashian Kastle

What if the life of celebrity babies was like Game of Thrones"? Steve Weissman thinks it would be like this.


Kaaaanye! North Got into a Preschool Academy!

Kim is excited that North has been accepted into an exclusive preschool. Kanye is just OK with it.


American Exceptional

Kanye, Kimm, and North West are all celebrating Easter—but what is going on inside Kanye's heart?


Watch Kanye West's "Only One" Video

This is the most adorable music video ever made.