Big Ten Commish Gets $20 Million Bonus

Am I crazy or is that a lot of money?
Sean Newell
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A Brain Injury Could Help You Find God, Study Says

Scientists found that frontal lobe trauma could lead to increased religious fundamentalism.
Lauren Messman
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Did Northwestern Basketball Run Off Johnnie Vassar?

Former Northwestern basketball player Johnnie Vassar is suing the university and the NCAA over what he characterizes as a "run-off"—an attempt to pressure and intimidate Vassar into separating from his four-year athletic scholarship.
Kevin Trahan

Vanderbilt Absolutely Botched Its Comeback Against Northwestern

Vanderbilt had a chance to pull off the comeback against Northwestern but major brain farts at the end of the game did them in.
Sean Newell

Northwestern Likely Seals NCAA Tournament Bid on Insane Buzzer-Beater

Northwestern beat Michigan to reach 21 wins for the first time ever, and likely secured an NCAA tournament berth.
Sean Newell
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Northwestern Player Drops Ball to Tie Shoelace, Gets Justifiably Wrecked With Turnover

This one is all on Shoelaces McGee here.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Club-Handed Kyle Queiro Nabs Crazy Interception for Northwestern the Only Way He Can: One-Handed

Maybe Kyle Quiero should just play club-handed all the time now—Northwestern ​did​ win 24-14. Just saying. Maybe it's lucky.
Liam Daniel Pierce

NLRB Ruling in Northwestern Case Could Pave Way for Player Compensation Claims

The NLRB held that private schools regularly monitoring players social media use, among other things, is an unfair labor practice.
Sean Newell
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Western Michigan Gentleman Flirts With Disaster by Throwing Fumble Back Into Own End Zone

Western Michigan beat Northwestern by one point, 22-21. Whew!
Liam Daniel Pierce

Former Vikings, Cardinals Coach Dennis Green Dies at 67 of Cardiac Arrest

Green was one of the few black head coaches in a time when hardly any candidates were hired for the position.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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National Signing Day Is a Numbers Game, and the Team with the Most Stars Wins

On National Signing Day, college football coaches like to say that recruiting rankings don't matter. History says they're wrong.
Kevin Trahan
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College Basketball Grab Bag: Oklahoma's Fury Road; Iowa's Unlikely Walk-On Hero

Our weekly college basketball roundup covers Oklahoma's potential takeover; surprising newcomers at Iowa and Northwestern; Player of the Year contenders; and Indiana's always-photogenic head coach.
Kevin Trahan